Whether you’ve suffered an injury or have had mobility challenges due to a lifetime ailment, driving aids from Clock Mobility can provide you the means to get on the road and travel with confidence. We have designed a variety of solutions to customers over the years and are sure that we can find the best solution to help you get back to travelling.
In and out

Before driving can occur, individuals with physical challenges need to be able to get in and out of their vehicle. And, thanks to wheelchair lifts from Clock Mobility, they can do it with ease. Versatile and capable of going in almost any vehicle, Clock Mobility customizes your vehicle with the right life to help you more easily get in and out of your vehicle without worry.
The tools you need

Clock Mobility can provide different driving aids directly into the console of your vehicle that make driving easier for those with limitations. With controls like gas/brake, electronic controls, left foot accelerators, and steering devices, you can have everything right at your fingertips to get back behind the wheel and drive with confidence. And, because modifications are made for your personal use, you get just the ones you need, and not extras that end up being unnecessary for your driving.
Newer technology

Clock Mobility is consistently getting new technologies that help our customers with driving aids for casual driving or driving for work. Assistive technology is available to assist individuals with adaptive equipment such as electronic steering devices, joystick controls, quadriplegic driving systems, and more. The options we offer try to make it certain that whoever needs to get behind the wheel and get moving can do so.

With over 30 years of experience developing ways for the physically challenged to gain independence in mobility, Clock Mobility is the company you can depend on for driving aids. Contact us today to learn more about the modifications available to you.