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Clock Mobility is a one-stop shop to purchase, rent, repair, and customize your wheelchair-accessible vehicle. We also provide home accessibility equipment. We treat you like family and truly care about your dreams and goals. We know the rewarding feeling of providing autonomy and freedom and we’ll do anything to help you get there. Clock Mobility is committed to improving your quality of life with the right mobility solution, and top-notch security, quality and comfort!

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Wheelchair Van Sales, Service, and Rentals

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Why Choose Clock Mobility?

We are a family-run business with almost four decades of experience in the mobility industry. We take the time to understand your needs and make sure you have exactly the right vehicle or adaptive solution to give you the freedom you deserve. Our founder helped pioneer the mobility/accessibility industry back in the mid-70s, and truly believes in helping people by providing the very best service and care. We stand behind every product, service, or agreement we make, and will always put our customers first.

Quality and Safety

We understand mobility limitations and we know how quality means safety for accessible vehicles. We are certified, trained, licensed and insured to service VMI and BraunAbility vehicles, the two most trusted conversion companies in America.

Our mechanics and conversion specialists are all State certified and trained to meet or exceed the highest standards and provide the safest mobility solutions to our customers.

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