Frequently Asked Questions

Will Medicare / Medicaid or Health Insurance pay for adaptive equipment?

No, Medicare / Medicaid and Health Insurance Companies will not pay for any vehicle related modifications.

Are there any funding sources that will help with the purchase of adaptive equipment?

Yes. Some funding sources are the Veteran Administration, Michigan Vocation Rehabilitation Services, No-Fault Auto Insurance, Community Mental Health Agencies, Centers for Independent Living, Lions Clubs, Childrens Special Health Care Services, Churches and more. Contact our sales department for guidance with funding sources.

Can I install my own adaptive equipment?

No, the equipment manufacturers require us to install all of the adaptive equipment and repair parts that we sell to protect them and ourselves from liability claims.

Can the seat be relocated in my car?

Most seats can be relocated forward or rearward but the seat belt location will limit how far it can be moved. It can also be raised or sometimes even lowered. We may need to see the car to verify that can move the seat and how far.

Can you modify any vehicle?

No, some modifications require a specific vehicle. You should contact us about your specific needs before making a vehicle purchase.

Does Clock Mobility convert anything other than vans?

Absolutely, we have converted everything from pick-up trucks to heavy duty construction equipment. Contact a salesperson and ask them about your idea.

Does your company rent scooters or wheelchairs?

No, but we do rent wheelchair accessible vans.

Is there anything special I need to do to get hand controls installed in my car?

The State of Michigan does require an endorsement (similar to corrective lenses) on your driver license before hand controls can be used on the roadway. Our company requires either the driver license endorsement, an evaluation report from a qualified driver trainer or proof of previous experience before we will install hand controls on your vehicle. Contact our sales department if you need assistance with this.

What if my adaptive equipment breaks down after hours?

We provide 7 day a week, 24 hour emergency service to our clients. You can receive the after-hours service number by calling any of our locations 24 hours a day. There is a fee for after-hours service.

What information will you need from me if I need to rent a wheelchair accessible van?

We will need a copy of the person driving the vehicle driver’s license, a copy of their proof of insurance, and a credit card.

What information will you need to advise me about what equipment I may need?

We will need to know what vehicle you are considering for modification, the make and model of your mobility device (wheelchair or scooter), the distance from the floor to the top of your head while seated in your mobility device, the overall length and width of your mobility device and the combined weight of you and your mobility device.



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