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If you own a pickup truck you shouldn’t have to compromise when storing your mobility equipment. With AccessATop you can travel in all weather conditions and protect your wheelchair or mobility scooter using our automatic truck cap system.

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AccessATop automatically lifts and lowers full size GM, Ford, Dodge, and Toyota pickup truck tops, so mobility devices stay safe and dry regardless of the weather. Play hard, work hard, and rest assured your  mobility equipment is protected with our exclusive automatic truck cap system.

The AccessATop system, coupled with a Turny seat from Braun allows you to use your pickup truck with your wheelchair or scooter. Watch this video from Clock Mobility and lean how you can make a wheelchair accessible truck.

Pickup Truck Applications

as of 7/1/2022

Year Range Make Type
2010-2022 Chevy / GMC 1500 / 2500 / Classic or New 19
2015-2022 Chevy / GMC Colorado / Canyon
2010-2022 Dodge Ram 1500 (restrictions apply, contact us for details)
2010-2022 Dodge Ram 2500 (restrictions apply, contact us for details)
2010-2022 Ford F250
2010-2022 Ford F150
2010-2022 Toyota Tundra

Important Notes Regarding AccessATop Conversions

  • We highly recommend using Clock Mobility to purchase the cap.
  • Not recommended for truck beds less than 5′ 6″ in length. When swinging a mobility device into a shorter bed – Many mobility devices will not have room to be set down. Contact Clock Conversions for application limitations.
  • Step-Side/Flare-Side beds cannot be used because the cap will hit the side of the bed when tipped up, and the actuator will not have enough room to function correctly when mounted.
  • Composite beds or beds made of carbon fiber are not compatible
  • Always contact your AccessATop dealer or Clock Mobility for specific applications for your vehicle.


About Braun Turny Seat

Your accessible truck experience is made possible with the Braun Turny Seat. Compatible with most vehicles, the Turny seat offers uncompromised comfort and ease when entering and exiting your vehicle. With a hand held remote, app support and the ability to lower to the seated height of a wheelchair, it’s a perfect addition to your truck.

Turny Seat Cost + Financing

In partnership with Braun we are able to offer affordable loan terms for the purchase of the Braun Evo Turny Seat. Learn about the cost of the Turny seat and apply for instant financing.

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