Residential Stairlifts

If you are a loved one are experiencing mobility issues or are having trouble going up and down the stairs, a residential stairlift may be the right solution. Stairlifts are an affordable option for individuals who have difficulty navigating stairs or are at an increased risk of falling. They can be easily installed on your existing staircase and requiring little to no modifications to your home.

For many people, stairlifts represent a renewed sense of independence. They afford the opportunity for those with mobility concerns to stay in their own homes and remain safe while doing so. Clock Mobility offers a variety of Bruno stairlifts to meet your needs, including indoor and outdoor stairlifts designed to fit either curved or straight rail steps.

Stairlift Features

bruno-elite-stair-lift-curved-360x270-1Stairlifts are designed to blend in seamlessly with your home and include numerous features to make using them convenient, including:

    • Seat belts
    • Armrest controls
    • Swivel seats
    • Folding seats and footrests
    • Continuous charging functionality
    • Obstruction safety sensors
    • Adjustable seats and armrests
    • Weight capacities ranging up to 600 lbs.

Benefits of Stairlifts

In addition to these features, stairlifts provide numerous benefits to those who use them, such as:

    • Increased independence. Stairlifts allow users to navigate their own homes with ease.
    • Improved safety. Using a stairlift drastically reduces the chance someone will slip, miss a step, or fall while using the stairs.
    • Peace of mind. Stairlifts allow families to rest easy knowing their loved ones are safe.

Starlift Costs

Stairlift prices vary depending on the needs of the individual and the layout of their home. If you are looking for a basic model designed for straight stairs, you can find solutions starting at around $3,500. If you have a curved staircase that requires a custom stairlift, you may find yourself spending around $10,000.

Outdoor stairlifts require additional functionality and weatherproofing materials. Basic models of outdoor stairlifts typically cost $7,000 but can range up to $10,000 or more.

Stairlift Installation

At Clock Mobility, we strive to make the process of purchasing a stairlift an easy one. After you contact our team, we’ll schedule a time to come to your house and measure your stairs. From there, we will work directly with Bruno to design a stairlift that meets your needs and budget. After your custom stairlift has been built, we will call you to finalize payment and schedule an installation appointment.

Finally, we’ll visit your home, install your stairlift, make sure it is functioning properly, and teach you how to use it safely. Our industry-certified technicians are here to help. If you have any questions about your stairlift or need any additional help scheduling service for your stairlift, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Residential Stairlifts - Elan Indoor Straight

Bruno Elan Straight Rail Stairlifts

One of Bruno’s most popular models, the Elan Stairlift is designed for indoor use. Its sleek design makes it perfect for smaller spaces with straight stairwells. Wireless controls make this model easy to use, plus it comes in a variety of colors to choose from.

Residential Stairlifts - Elite Indoor Straight

Bruno Elite Straight Rail Stairlifts

With both indoor and outdoor options available, Bruno’s Elite Straight Rail Stairlifts feature premium, stylized seats that are as attractive as they are comfortable. These high-quality lifts offer a smooth ride and multiple customization options.

Residential Stairlifts - Elite Curved

Bruno Elite Curve Rail Stairlifts

Able to navigate even the most intricate staircases, Bruno’s Elite Curved Rail Stairlifts are capable of turning tight corners while still providing the user with a comfortable ride. Both indoor and outdoor options are available to suit your needs.

Residential Stairlifts - Vertical Platform Lift

Bruno Vertical Platform Lift

These sturdy lifts offer weight capacities of up to 750 pounds and feature numerous features to make each ride a safe one. Bruno’s Platform Lifts are perfect for homes with steep ledges, difficult inclines, and raised platforms.


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