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Full-Size Wheelchair Vans for Sale


Wheelchair accessible minivans might be the right size for many applications, there are times where a full size van is a better option for you. At Clock Mobility we offer wheelchair accessible conversions on full size vans and even pickup trucks. If you have a need to transport a large group of people, like to travel, or have a larger than average wheelchair, a full size wheelchair accessible van might be perfect for you.

Considerations When Choosing a Full Size Wheelchair Accessible Van

The biggest difference between a minivan and a full size van are the weight allowances. Full size wheelchair vans have a greater tolerance for additional weight, which can be essential when adding wheelchair restraints, wheelchair lifts or driving aids.  Some full size vans are able to undergo floor-lowering or roof-raising modifications, which are essential for larger wheelchairs or motorized wheelchairs. Newer full size vans like the Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter vans can be purchased with roofs of various heights, so that they don’t require as many modifications to the body of the vehicle.

If you have a large family or go on trips, the latest full size vans offer fuel efficiency that has been impossible in the past. Ford’s EcoBoost technology and new technology from Dodge and Mercedes mean you can travel across town or across the nation and do it economically. Also, if you have a need for 2 wheelchairs to be transported (or more) then a full size wheelchair van is the only way to go.

Whatever your scenario, the team at Clock Mobility is well versed in the options you have in full size wheelchair vans. Fill out the contact form below to begin.

Full Size Wheelchair Van Conversion Types


Standard full-size vans are used as wheelchair-accessible vans when there is no need for additional floor-to-ceiling space, but extra weight allotment is needed for the modifications that must be made to a vehicle.

Each vehicle has a weight limit, and the full-size vans offer more options for the after-market modifications that are necessary for those with special mobility considerations.

Standard full-size vans are also much more readily equipped with adaptive equipment along with chair loading and lifting devices that allow persons with wheelchairs to wholly access the mobility vans. They are also highly compatible with driving assistance aids and driving assistance technology because there is more room in the driver’s compartment for modifications.

Here at Clock Mobility, we are experts in the conversions of all types of vehicles, and we have a proven track record of performance and reliability. One particular area that we pride ourselves in is our ability to modify and customize full-size wheelchair vans to meet a variety of needs and applications. At Clock Mobility, we strive to meet any need and exceed all expectations.

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A person seated in a wheelchair usually sits taller than a person sitting in a seat of a van and is also taller than the doorway leading into the vehicle.

A structural modification commonly referred to as a lowered floor can be done to either a full-sized van or a minivan. This solution increases the headroom in the center of the vehicle and through the doorway.

The benefits of lowered floor vans are not only added headroom but the possibility for the person seated in the wheelchair to see out of the windows, like everyone else in the vehicle.

Most people that drive from a wheelchair need to sit lower to allow forward vision out of the windshield. Lowered floor vans are a popular option in mobility vans since they allow the person in the wheelchair to enjoy the ride and to sit at eye level with the other passengers in the vehicle.

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Raised roof vans are a good solution for full-size vans requiring additional headspace. The advantage to raised roof vans would be the fact that there is less exterior work done involving crucial automotive components.

An additional feature that is frequently used in conjunction with a raised roof is a raised door system. This system adds extra inches to the entryway of the modified vehicles and can go a long way into easing the transition for a person in a wheelchair to get behind the wheel. These solutions are commonly used for our clients who operate a motorized wheelchair or a wheelchair with more than standard height.

At Clock Mobility, we use a reinforced steel caging system to complete our raised roof mobility vans. Take a look at some before and after photographs of the raised roof and raised door systems by clicking on the button on the top right.

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