Clock Mobility wheelchair accessible vehicles are a great step towards freedom of movement without assistance, but people may run into trouble without the help of wheelchair lifts. It may not be difficult for someone to be able to enter their wheelchair accessible vehicle on their own, but the problem lies in getting the chair in afterword. Ramps could be used, but they don’t provide the same amount of ease and comfort as that of our wheelchair lifts.

Find the right fit for you

When it comes to Clock Mobility’s wheelchair lifts, you won’t find yourself without options. There are a variety of loaders all designed to help you on your way to independence. The most common attach straps to your wheelchair to lift it into your vehicle, but there are also platform style lifts available, all for your convenience. There are wheelchair lifts for cars, minivans, and even pickup trucks. So, no matter what you drive, there’s a wheelchair lift for you.

Individuality matters

When it comes to something as important as your personal mobility, nobody wants to be given the same thing everyone else has. After all, we’re all different people that have unique needs, and at Clock Mobility, it is our wish to meet those specific needs of every client. We offer accessories and extras that anyone may need to help their independent mobility, because we want everyone who comes to us to have a personalized experience.

We can help

Unsure of what exact type of wheelchair lift or accessories you need? We’re more than happy to show you what your options are, help you with installation, and even aid in any service your lift may require.

We know that independence matters to people, and, with our wheelchair lifts, we can happily give it. If freedom of movement without assistance matters to you, don’t hesitate to contact our team!