Wheelchair Accessible Truck Conversions

Truck Conversions

Clock Mobility Truck Conversions Get You on The Road to Independence


At Clock Mobility we know that some people are fond of trucks, and that’s why we are proud to be able to make the proper modifications to accommodate them. In the past we have completed a range of truck conversions from simple wheelchair lifting devices to highly technological computerized driving aids. We are also pleased to offer AccessATop, which automatically lifts and lowers full size GM, Ford, Dodge, and Toyota pickup truck tops, so mobility devices stay safe and dry regardless of the weather.

Most truck modifications are done in order to accomodate the driver of the vehicle. This is the reason we are so excited to perform truck conversions, because we know that truck owners tend to feel strongly about their love of driving their pride and joys.

We have made all sorts of conversions to trucks to make them drivable and wheelchair accessible. Take a look at the truck conversions and wheelchair accessible trucks we have done in the past by clicking the button to the below.

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