Accessible Summer Sports in Michigan

Accessible Summer Sports in Michigan

As the sun blazes high in the sky and balmy breezes tease the Great Lakes, Michigan transforms into the ultimate summer playground. For many, this means hitting the beach, lounging on a boat, or basking in the sun with a refreshing drink in hand. But if you’re seeking a more active way to enjoy Michigan’s picturesque landscapes, this state offers a smorgasbord of inclusive and adaptive options to ensure everyone can join in on the sun-soaked fun. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie in search of extreme thrills or a more laid-back adventurer who prefers to take it slow, there’s something for everyone in the Great Lakes State!

Must-Try Disabled Summer Sports in Michigan

Below are some of the summer wheelchair-accessible sports Michigan has to offer: 


Accessible Summer Sports in MichiganWho doesn’t love the crack of the bat, the thrill of sliding into home plate, and the excitement of a close play at first? Baseball and softball are beloved pastimes that bring people together from all walks of life. And in Michigan, these sports can be enjoyed all year long. 

You can learn how to throw a curveball or pitch like a pro at one of many camps in Michigan and then show off your new skills during an afternoon game with friends and family. There are also tournaments to join where everyone has a chance to win prizes based on their skill level and age group. 

One shining example of inclusivity in action is the Dream Team, located in Traverse City. This inspiring co-ed baseball league caters to children and adults with disabilities ranging from ages 8 to 23. Each player is matched with a partner player who assists them throughout the game, and the team provides adaptive equipment and facilities to ensure that everyone can participate fully.

Another fantastic organization that champions accessible baseball in Michigan is The Miracle League. This organization offers both competitive and non-competitive baseball opportunities tailored to the unique needs of its players. It operates several locations throughout the state, making it easy for families to find a nearby field where their children can play. 

Adaptive Soccer

Accessible Summer Sports in MichiganAdaptive soccer is a modified version of soccer that’s equally exciting and challenging. The rules are similar to traditional soccer, but players are allowed more space and time to make passes, allowing them to move more freely. The ball is also modified so it can be dribbled with assistive devices or passed by hand. This modification makes the game easier for handicapped individuals and provides an environment that is conducive to learning and skill development.

If you’re interested in trying adaptive soccer, there are many different programs and organizations across Michigan that offer it. For instance, the TOPSoccer program is part of the Michigan State Youth Soccer Association, which provides soccer training and competition for youth with disabilities. The program is designed to help children learn the rules and skills of soccer, develop physical fitness and coordination, and discover a sport they can enjoy throughout their lives.

Similarly, the No More Sidelines group organizes soccer games for children with disabilities in three different locations across Michigan. They also offer other sports and recreational activities that’ll give you an adrenaline rush while helping you stay active.




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Adaptive Biking

Accessible Summer Sports in MichiganIf you plan to explore the beautiful scenery and rugged trails of Michigan, don’t forget to try adaptive biking. Adaptive biking is an inclusive recreational activity that allows people to feel the sun on their faces and the wind in their hair, all while staying safe and comfortable.

There are several Move United Member Organizations that offer cycling programs and clinics throughout the state. They offer different types of bicycles to cater to different individual’s needs. This includes handcycles that allow cyclists to propel a three-wheeled cycle using their arms, which provides an excellent upper-body workout while enjoying the fresh air and scenic views. 

Tandem bikes are another great option that is designed for two riders and allows them to pedal together, providing a sense of teamwork and camaraderie. For those who need more stability, there are four-wheeled dual recumbent bikes and side-by-side tandem tricycles as well.

Another organization that offers adaptive cycling programs in Wolverine State is  Michigan Sports Unlimited, Inc. At this sports clinic, you can learn how to use a handcycle as well as other adaptive sports equipment and learn about the benefits of cycling.


Accessible Summer Sports in MichiganFor any golf player, the greens are a sanctuary, where the whack of a club and the gentle arc of a perfectly struck ball become a meditative dance. But for some, the traditional game of golf may present unique challenges. 

If you also want to make that perfect shot that will make the crowd gasp, consider partaking in adaptive golf. Adaptive golf is a form of classic game that allows people with disabilities to experience the joys of being on the links. There are several organizations in Michigan that offer an opportunity to try this exhilarating sport, and some even provide instruction. 

One such non-profit organization is Move United which has partnered with various golf associations throughout the country to make the sport more inclusive and accessible to all. These programs utilize specialized equipment, including single-rider carts, standing adaptive golf carts, and clubs with adjustable grips to accommodate different ability levels and physical limitations. This equipment makes it easy to navigate the green and execute that perfect chip shot. These golf programs also provide coaching and training, as well as opportunities to participate in tournaments and other events.

Join the Fun with Clock Mobility

Michigan’s vibrant summer season offers a plethora of accessible sports and recreational activities that’ll keep you entertained all season long. If you want to cross the ever-winding roads of the Great Lakes State in style and comfort, don’t forget to check out Clock Mobility. We have a wide range of wheelchair-accessible vehicles that’ll provide you with a safe, reliable, and comfortable ride for all of your Michigan summer adaptive sports. For more information about our inventory of wheelchair vans for sale or rental services, contact us today at (866) 380-3326 or visit one of our four locations in Michigan

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