Adaptive Equipment

Adaptive equipment

Adaptive Technology is Better Than Ever

There have been a great number of new advancements throughout the previous decade in the field of adaptive equipment in mobility vans. These vans specialize in allowing those in scooters, wheelchairs and others with mobility difficulties to regain independence and truly become more mobile through the use of integrated tools and assistive technology that can greatly enhance the ease of use and self-reliance of anyone using the vehicles. These vehicles are usually modified vans that allow those in wheelchairs and scooters unlimited access to get in, get out and even operate the vehicle.

One of the most exciting advancements is the adaptive equipment is the use of technology to allow clients with disabilities to fully gain operation of the van or other vehicles. At first glance, these computer assisted driving tools appear to be something from the cockpit of a state-of-the-art aircraft. In a way, this computer guided software does a tremendous amount of operations that are similar to the controls on an aircraft What’s most amazing about this assistive technology is the fact that with a brief round of instruction, they are actually very simple to use. The functions that these computer aids can perform are truly remarkable. They are able to operate all electronic or climate devices in the car, which means that the stereo, lighting, and heating in the van are all able to be controlled with a simple touch screen device, which means no reaching and no need to take focus away from driving.

The most amazing thing that the computer adaptive equipment can do is help you drive the car. The computer is able to be affixed to the steering and braking operations of the vehicle, which means that the tasks that were once impossible become well within the reach of those driving the vehicle.

The vans are also capable of a number of other adaptive procedures that turn a normal minivan into an extraordinary example of mobility and independence. There are more basic hand controls that can be used in place of the computer system. These controls are generally hand pedals that utilize smart engineering to allow the gas and brake pedal to become operated by one hand. There are other things like wheelchair lifts that let the users access the vehicle quickly and easily. Most importantly, these lifts mean that the users are not depending on someone else to help them mobility vans increase independence.

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