Plan a Summer Trip in a Wheelchair Accessible Van

Wheelchair accessible van

Plan a Roadtrip This Summer

With COVID-19 causing many to isolate themselves for safety, we’re all finding ourselves with plenty of free time, and it’s during this time that you can look forward to fun in the sun utilizing a wheelchair-accessible van. Being inside so much and getting anxious about finally getting to have fun outside again can be wearing on almost anyone, so Clock Mobility is here to help those with physical limitations plan their best summer trip once virus concerns are finally gone.
Extensive inventory

Clock Mobility carries a large variety of vehicles at all times so every visitor can get the wheelchair-accessible van that best suits their needs. From different manufacturers to side or rear-entry options, Clock Mobility has the options available to ensure everyone can find the most comfortable vehicle to regularly load in and out of. With different capabilities for each vehicle, Clock Mobility ensures an option for every customer.
Match your budget

When looking for a wheelchair-accessible van, it can be a big decision for lasting comfort when getting in and out of your vehicle, or even driving one for the foreseeable future. Depending on your budget, Clock Mobility carries models that are anywhere from five years old, all the way to the current year of models! This helps us make sure anyone that needs an accessible van has an option that can better fit their budget depending on what they’re looking for. And, if you have questions about any of our vehicles, Clock Mobility’s representatives will be more than happy to assist you in your decision by helping you become more informed about our options.

Providing over 30 years of experience in understanding the needs of those with physical limitations and the benefits of wheelchair-accessible vans, Clock Mobility is here to help. When you’re stuck inside during concerns over COVID-19, think about a summer trip using Clock Mobility vans.

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