Mobility Assist for Veterans

For U.S. Military veterans injured in combat or suffering from medical conditions that restrict their normal mobility, Clock Mobility is now able to take part in a new program to provide them with vehicle mobility conversions.

As a BraunAbility dealer, Clock can provide a wide range of vehicle-accessible vehicles that are now included in the Veterans Affairs Federal Supply Schedule. In an agreement reached in September 2014, BraunAbility through a partnership with the Adaptive Driving Alliance offer its broad range vehicle mobility configurations.

The agreement also connects affected veterans with a Certified Mobility Consultant from a mobility dealer approved by the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association. As a member of the NMEDA, with locations in Grand Rapids, Lansing, Kalamazoo and Traverse City, Clock Mobility is well situated to offer veterans veterans in Michigan the proper assessment called for in the agreement to pinpoint a veteran’s best mobility solution for his or her needs. We also offer dependable service from our well trained, skilled staff to keep our veterans protected and secure on the road as they have protected all of us through their service.

Jim Probst, director of Product Portfolio for BraunAbility, emphasized in a press release announcing the agreement that a vital part of the FSS contract included support for individual dealers who “have effectively served our nation’s veterans for decades. BraunAbility will provide the tools to help our NMEDA dealers successfully navigate the changing procurement systems of the VA.”

Paul Musso, managing director of ADA, agreed on the importance of the dealer network, adding that “ADA will support the BraunAbility dealer network with programs to reliably serve our nation’s veterans with the quality products and dedicated service they deserve.”

Clock Mobility, through the agreement BraunAbility and the ADA reached with the VA, can offer competitively priced, medically appropriate van and other vehicle conversions to better serve our military veterans who deserve timely and helpful service.The products now available through the Veterans Affairs Federal Supply Schedule include lowered-floor accessible vehicles among the full range of new and pre-owned mobility options we can offer.

BraunAbility reports that market surveys show an increasing demand for accessible, mobility enhanced vehicles among military veterans. Clock Mobility is proud to provide medically appropriate and competitively priced vehicle conversions to serve their needs and improve the vitality of their lives.

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