Wheelchair Accessible Vans Make Errands Easy

Wheelchair Accessible Vans

Get Around With Ease

With COVID cases still high almost everywhere, you can take advantage of wheelchair accessible vans from Clock Mobility to get groceries for pickup with ease. Offering great mobility options for those with physical limitations as well as plenty of space for you to store your purchased goods, Clock Mobility helps those who may struggle the most during this time of mandates and lockdowns.
Conversion equipment makes it easy

With conversion equipment supplied by Clock Mobility, your vehicle can be designed to make it easy to drive for those with physical limitations, so you can get to your destination and get your groceries when you need them. No longer do you have to wait for someone to give you a ride, hire a taxi service, or use public transportation to get to the store and back. Our equipment is designed for ease of use so that you can quickly learn how to drive using it and get on the road.
Spacious wheelchair accessible vans

When you get groceries for pickup, you may want to store as much as possible to minimize the amount of trips you have to take during this time. And, with the wheelchair accessible vans from Clock Mobility, those with physical limitations get a comfortable way to travel that also provides plenty of space to load groceries into. Whether it’s our full size vans or mini vans that have side or rear entry points, you can pack you vehicle full of all the groceries you need to last you for long periods of time. Make your trips to the store more efficient and easier by investing in a wheelchair accessible van with us.

Clock Mobility provides solutions to the unique needs that those with physical challenges face. With over thirty years of experience, let our team of professionals help you find a mobility van to make errands easier through the year.

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