Take to the Streets with the New Ford Transit Connect

New Ford Transit Connect

One of the newest entries in the accessible vehicle scene is the Ford Transit Connect. Offering an amazing balance between accessibility, maneuverability and economy, the Ford Transit Connect is a great option for anyone looking to get out of the house, hit the road and explore the world around them. In this post, we’re going to look at a few of the amazing advantages of driving the Ford Transit Connect.

Interior room

Don’t let its exterior size fool you: the Ford Transit Connect is one of the roomiest handicap vans available. With the cargo room of a van and the “feel” of a car, the vehicle is an amazing, compromise-free way to experience the open road.

Fuel efficiency

Boasting extremely high fuel economy, the Ford Transit Connect isn’t just a fun option, it’s an affordable one! Don’t fall for the misconception that a road trip has to be expensive: grab a map, get yourself behind the wheel of the Ford Transit Connect and see just how far a single tank will get you!


As they say, it’s not always about the destination, it’s about the journey. The Ford Transit Connect aims to make that journey as memorable as possible. With tight, agile controls, the vehicle is a joy to drive and dispenses with the myth that driving a wheelchair van has to be a slow, challenging experience.

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