Wheelchair Accessible Beaches in Michigan

Wheelchair accessible beaches Michigan

With the sun shining brighter than ever, it’s time to head out and soak up the fun at the beach. From the bustling shores of Grand Haven to the serene sands of Silver Lake, the Great Lakes State has plenty of beaches where you can sunbathe, build sandcastles, or simply indulge in a classic lemonade under the sun. 

Since not all of these spots are wheelchair accessible, you must research and plan beforehand to avoid any obstacles that could put a damper on your day. To guide your summer escapades, we’ve put together a list of the best wheelchair-accessible beaches in Michigan that are equally scenic, vibrant, adventurous, and accessible. 

Features of Wheelchair Accessible Beaches

While sugary sand, turquoise water, and scenic views are the standard allure of beaches, you must look for the following features for maximum accessibility:

  • Before heading out to a beach, make sure it has paved pathways and/or boardwalks. Since beaches inherently have uneven and sandy terrain, these firm and stable surfaces make it possible for individuals using wheelchairs and other mobility aids to navigate easily from the parking area all the way to the water’s edge.
  • Ever tried to find a parking spot and ended up miles away? This unpleasant scenario can ruin anyone’s day. To avoid that, look for a beach with accessible parking spots. These designated spots are wide enough for wheelchair vans with ramps and lifts, giving you ample space to transfer in and out of vehicles without any issues.
  • Since you’ll be out in the sun and will likely drink plenty of liquids, make sure the beach offers accessible restrooms. They should have an ADA-compliant layout with wide doors that allow for a complete turn of a wheelchair and grab bars to assist with transfers.
  • Traditional wheelchairs and sand don’t mix well. If you want to get close to the waves, make sure the facility has beach wheelchairs. These specially designed chairs have broader, buoyant wheels that can roll over sand without sinking.
  • Navigating a new beach can indeed feel like a maze. Look for clear and informative signage that directs you to all the accessible amenities, reducing confusion and saving time for actual relaxation and fun.

Best Wheelchair Accessible Beaches in Michigan

Wheelchair accessible beaches MichiganFollowing are some of the best wheelchair-accessible beaches in Michigan:

Stearns Beach

With 2,500 feet of shoreline, Stearn Beach is one of the most popular and beautiful beaches in Michigan. This beach has three expansive and accessible walkways, with a generously sized picnic table at the end of each pathway where you can relax, dine, or enjoy an ice cream cone while the waves provide the perfect soundtrack. Beach wheelchairs are available for rent, allowing wheelchair users to easily traverse the sand. 

Once on the beach, you can team up for a friendly game of beach volleyball or get lost in a good book. For a bit of adventure, consider visiting the iconic Ludington North Breakwater Light. There is a wheelchair-accessible, half-mile break wall that leads you directly to the lighthouse, where you’ll be rewarded with spectacular views of Lake Michigan or learn more about the area’s maritime history. 

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Wheelchair accessible beaches MichiganHolland State Park Beach

Holland State Park Beach offers a serene view of Lake Michigan and Lake Macatawa. This beach is renowned for its picturesque sunsets, soft sandy beaches, and the iconic “Big Red” lighthouse standing guard at the channel’s entrance. This beach provides track chairs that make it easy to glide across the sand and reach the shoreline. There are clean and well-maintained accessible restrooms available as well. 

The park is also a hub of activity for those looking to add a spark of adventure or relaxation to their day by the water. For the sporty and spirited, the park boasts beach volleyball courts. There are two campgrounds with picnic tables, fire pits, and grills so you can enjoy an outdoor meal. The park also has a pier and walkway along the harbor channel that serves as the perfect vantage point for casting a line into the tranquil waters or watching the incoming sailboats.

New Buffalo City Beach

Wheelchair accessible beaches MichiganLocated just a pleasant stroll across the Galien River Bridge, New Buffalo City Beach is another wheelchair-friendly spot in Michigan. This beach boasts an impressive 800 feet of sandy coastline, providing ample space for beachgoers to lay out their towels, collect driftwood and seashells, or enjoy other beach activities. 

This beach has a wide boardwalk that extends from the parking lot, passes by the convenient concession area, and connects to the beachfront. A sand wheelchair is available through the attentive lifeguards—just make sure to reserve it early to avoid any inconvenience. There are also clean, accessible restrooms and foot showers that can be used for a refreshing rinse after a day of sandy adventures. 

The full-service snack bar is stocked with a variety of refreshments and treats. This beach also has different engaging play structures to keep the little ones entertained while you soak up some rays. If you want a break from the sand and sun, head over to the Four Winds Casino for some casual entertainment and cooling AC!

Embrace the Coastal Vibes With Clock Mobility

Whether you want to catch some fish, achieve that perfect golden suntan, or enjoy a stunning Michigan sunset, the beaches across our state offer endless opportunities for memorable experiences. However, reaching these breathtaking spots sometimes requires a bit more planning than usual, and that’s where Clock Mobility steps in. 

With our fleet of wheelchair-accessible vehicles, your coastal adventures are just a reservation away. Fill out this form to get a rental quote, or call us at  (866) 380-3326 to start your summertime journey to the shore with ease.


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