Benefits of Wheelchair Vans

As anyone without a one will tell you, the key to mobility and independence is a vehicle. For those who have mobility issues that prevent them from driving, wheelchair vans offer a chance at achieving independence. Not only can wheelchair vans accommodate wheelchair users as passengers, they also allow wheelchair users to strap in and drive. So aside from the obvious advantage of allowing wheelchair and scooter users to take control of their mobility, what are some of the other benefits of owning a wheelchair-accessible vehicle?

Easy Access

Equipped with either a side or rear ramp, wheelchair vans allow users to enter their own vehicle without assistance. Once inside, the individual can make use of a Q’straint system to secure their chair and hit the road in no time.

No More Transfers

With a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, there’s no need to navigate painful and time-consuming transfers from your chair into a car seat. Simple ride right up into the vehicle, strap your chair down, and you’re ready to ride.

Accomodating Multiple Users

At a minimum, most wheelchair vans can accommodate at least two ambulatory passengers. So if your friend or loved one also uses a wheelchair or scooter, they can ride right along with you without transferring out of their chair.

side entry wheelchair vanRemovable Seats

Our wheelchair-accessible vans come with removable seats, so you can configure the floorplan of your vehicle to suit your needs. Whether you need to transport another wheelchair user or just need some extra space for groceries, these vans make it easy.

Safe and Reliable

Wheelchair-accessible vehicles are just converted versions of standard minivans. In addition to all of the testing that your average minivan goes through, wheelchair-accessible vehicles are also crash-tested after they’re converted to ensure they meet the requirements set by the federal government and insurance industry.

Multiple Financing Options

Because of the amount of time and technology that goes into a wheelchair-accessible van conversion, these vehicles are typically more expensive than an unconverted vehicle. Fortunately, there are multiple programs and organizations that are dedicated to helping individuals purchase wheelchair-accessible vehicles. You can find more information about financing by clicking here.

In short, a wheelchair van can drastically improve a person’s quality of life and help them regain their independence. Ready to start searching for your wheelchair van? Take a look at our inventory or get in touch with us to schedule a visit to one of our locations.

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