Accessibility Modifications for the New Year

Custom accessibility modifications

Custom Modifications for Any Need

As we continue on into a New Year, you can make the most of your time outside spending it doing things you love with accessibility modifications. Clock Mobility is centered around the idea that no one person should be limited in what they can do because of equipment not having the right accessibility for them. With a professional team that can make modifications and bring the fun back to your free time, Clock Mobility has the solutions you need.

Custom is key

Here at Clock Mobility, we know that not everyone has the same mobility restrictions, and our experienced staff uses this to craft the perfect accessibility modifications for whatever you need. Every design we create guarantees the custom solution that you need so you can get outside and do what you enjoy.

Take to the backroads

When Clock Mobility says that we want to bring fun to the New Year, we mean it. All the outdoor recreational vehicles that you want to ride, we can create the custom accessibility modifications to help you get back on the backroads and trails. From ATVs to golf carts, there’s nothing that we can’t find a solution for.

On the water

Clock Mobility is even capable of getting you out on the water in the New Year. We can deliver accessibility modifications to boats and other water sporting equipment to make sure that you never miss out on any of your favorite activities. With years of experience doing custom mobility modifications on a variety of things, you know you can trust Clock Mobility.

Clock Mobility works from 30 years of experience when providing or designing personalized accessibility modifications and mobility modifications. Whether you need an accessible van to rent and ride in or a modification done to your favorite recreational vehicle, Clock Mobility can get it for you in the New Year.

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