Hand Controls

Hand Controls

As many people who use wheelchairs are now finding out, the world has changed thanks to a growing technology that allows access to vehicles to those who were previously restricted. The mobility that these adaptive vans create is essential for independence and ease in traveling. There are several types of modifications that are typically made to these kinds of handicap vans, each for a specific purpose that addresses the individual needs of the clients. For example, there are amazingly effective hand controls that allow a driver to operate a vehicle without the use of foot pedals.

At first, it may seem hard to think of a way to incorporate a gas and brake pedal in a hand control considering that the driver will still need one hand free to move the wheel or modified steering control, but it is made possible thanks to some clever engineering and adaptive technology that can be fitted in a number of ways to allow ease of use and reliability. One example of an effective hand control is a gas/brake pedal combination that will adjust the throttle from a side-to-side motion, and will adjust the brake in the up and down positions.

Hand controls can be simple or very complex, depending on each individual’s requirement for gaining the ability to operate a vehicle. Simple hand controls can be something as basic as a knob on a wheel so it can be easy turned with one hand. More complex controls can involve replacing the steering wheel with a type of operation that is more suited to the abilities of the driver. The fact is, with the adaptive equipment that is now available, there is almost never a reason why anyone can’t regain mobility and independence.

There are a wide range of options that can be used in conjunction with the hand controls to make technology even better and more suitable. First, there are scooter and wheelchair lifts and loaders that allow easy access to any van or other type of modified vehicle. These lifts can accommodate a range of clients, and are sturdy and dependable with hydraulic functions. There are also wheelchair restraints that are used to secure the driver or passengers in place. These are essential for the safety and reliability of any adaptive van or modified vehicle.

There are so many exciting advances in the field of mobility and there is no question that with the help of the proper installation and service team, there is nothing that can’t be overcome.

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