Top Features of Our Wheelchair-Accessible Vans

Benefits of Wheelchair-Accessible Vans

Wheelchair-accessible vehicles have become exponentially more popular in the last decade or so. What started out as a van with a simple ramp that slid in and out, has turned into an industry that outfits vehicles with the latest in mobility technology. Now wheelchair and scooter users can go anywhere they want in style, as they enjoy the same craftsmanship and features as any other vehicle owner would.

At Clock Mobility, our vans offer a tremendous variety in terms of the mobility equipment that’s offered, ranging from standard ramps to completely customized conversions. Not only do we sell pre-fabricated vehicles, but our skilled mechanics can also outfit vehicles with the computer and adaptive technology you need. So what are some of the best features our wheelchair-accessible vans have to offer? We’ll show you!


One of the most crucial components of a wheelchair-accessible vehicle is the ramp. These mechanisms provide the user with quick access to the vehicle without the need for additional help. Most vans feature either a ramp in the rear of the vehicle or at the side of the vehicle. Ramps can be operated manually, but nowadays are almost always motorized. Additionally, there are two types of ramps: fold-out or in-floor. Fold-out ramps stand vertically in the vehicle when not in use, and stretch outward when being deployed, whereas in-floor ramps are stored under the floor of the vehicle and slide out when in use.


Most larger, commercial vans utilize lifts instead of ramps. These lifts are almost always hydraulic, which means that they are tremendously dependable, reliable, and offer a smooth ride every time. Hydraulic lifts are popular because they have a high weight limit, which can be essential for anyone in a motorized wheelchair or a heavy scooter. These lifts are generally stored inside the vehicle and can fold down whenever needed with a remote control or similar device to ensure that no additional help is needed.

wheelchair-accessible van rampsRestraints

Wheelchair restraints ensure wheelchair users are safe while riding inside their vehicles. The restraints are very easy to use and are unquestionably effective and necessary as seatbelts are. Restraints are typically attached to anchor points that are secured to the vehicle, while the other end of the restraint is attached to the wheelchair. Whether restraints are manual or retractable, it is crucial that you make sure there is no slack in the restraints before you start driving.

Removable Seats

Another feature that’s common to wheelchair-accessible vehicles is removable seats. Wheelchair van seats are specially designed to be removable and easily stored. In many cases, side passenger, rear passenger, or even the driver’s side seat are removable in order to make it easy for the wheelchair user to ride wherever they want.

Adaptive Equipment

Other equipment in mobility vans can transform the vehicle into a truly adaptive machine that fits the individual needs of those who ride inside. There are hand controls that can help users operate their vehicles without foot pedals, computer-assisted driving software, and much, much more.

Interested in learning more about the features our wheelchair-accessible vans have to offer? Check out our inventory or get in touch with us!

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