Find the Right Driver’s Seat to Make You More Mobile

You want to get around town. For that matter, you need to get around town. You need to go to the store, see friends, be mobile. If you use a wheelchair or scooter, however, you may think getting around is too much of a hassle to impose on yourself or your friends and family.

We understand that. That’s why Clock Mobility exists. We serve much of Michigan and northern Indiana with modified vehicles and accessories that greatly reduce the hassle physically challenged customers face when they need to drive or travel, be it to a downtown shop or to take a long distance trip. There is no one answer or specific configuration that works for everyone. There are options, however, that allow us to meet the needs of most physically challenged individuals.

One popular option is the installation of a transfer or turning driver’s seat. This allows a person with a disability to shift from a wheelchair to drive a vehicle from the specialized seat. We have available a variety of transfer seat types, including seats with a 4-way and 6-way power seat base. The 4-way version moves the seat forward and backward, with some 4-ways also capable of moving vertically. The 6-way seats have the same functions, but add a motorized swivel control that makes the transfer from a wheelchair to the seat easier, especially for those with limited upper body strength. On the passenger side, there are also turning seats available that swivel outside the vehicle, again making the transfer easier.

Some drivers prefer to stay in their wheelchairs when they get behind the wheel. We can handle that, too. Our vehicle conversions can remove the driver’s seat base to provide space for a wheel chair, with the base stored in the back of the vehicle. The conversion can include wheel wells and automatic power pans that lower the wheelchair to adjust the the line of sight for those people who sit higher up in their chairs.

Any conversion can include automatic and manual seat restraints to secure a wheelchair or a person. Other restraint options include chest harnesses and lateral trunk supports for people with diminished muscular and trunk balance. Regardless of the type of special restraints used, however, always use a seatbelt in the vehicle. Do not depend solely on wheelchair locks for safety.

There are many choices you can make when it comes to a vehicle conversion to provide you with enhanced transportation mobility. It’s important you recognize the options available and the opportunity you have to recover some of your ability to travel about without the hassles you expect to face. Trying to determine which option is right for you, however, can also be a challenge.

That’s what we’re here for. The trained staff at Clock Mobility can conduct a proper assessment of your individual needs and help you determine the best mobility solutions for your situation. Give us a call so we can begin helping you lead a life that is more satisfying, more convenient, and more mobile.

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